Get your custom QR code in 2 steps:


1. Select your QR code type and design.

2. Email your preferences.

source: IT Underworld


Choose the code type:



A [QRpub]


Internet link. It will show the link content in the mobilephone (website, video, audio, image).



B [QRgeo]


Latitude and logitude co-ordinates, or address. It will show a google map in the mobilephone.



C [QRbus]


Contact details. It will show your contact details in the mobilephone.




Choose the code design:



Choose your QR code design from the examples below (1 to 9).

Choose your QR code colors (simple or with gradient)


Send an email with the logo/image to be inserted in the middle of the QR code and the rest of the information. The custom QR codes will be sent by email (.jpeg format, resolution 300 dpi) up to 48h after payment. For questions contact us through the email: info@qrandgo.com.



Ordering examples:

QR code: A5

Link: www.qrandgo.com

Color: gradient green camouflage


QR code: A5

Link: www.qrandgo.com

Color: green/grey/black

QR code: B7

Address: Mosteiro de Alcobaça

Color: pink and golden brown


QR code: A1

Link: www.qrandgo.com

Color: green/light green



1 [balls]

2 [dots]

3 [circuit]

4 [fluid]

5 [jungle]

6 [rope]

7 [classic I]

8 [classic II]

9 [negative]


QR Code Printing Guidelines

The minimum size that guarantees that all camera phones on the market can properly read the QR Code is 15×15 mm. The latest camera models, which have improved macro capabilities, can deal with QR Codes that are less than 10 mm wide and high. For example, an iPhone 4 will be able to scan this size, but an iPhone 2/3.x with 2.0 megapixel camera and no autofocus may not. QR Codes printed at 37.5x37.5 cm using several popular QR Code Readers across iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry had a successful scanning distance varying between 13-48 cm. Most all QR Code readers worked at 18-25 cm.




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