QR codes and Sustainability


QR codes are green. Using QR codes you can save paper, ink, solvents and time. Therefore, QR codes are the key for sustainable marketing contributing to the reduction of the ecological footprint.



How QR codes can help save the planet?




Use virtual tickets for events, such as conferences, exhibitions and performances. Major airlines are using QR codes as boarding passes.












Share e-books and other online documents using QR codes. Install a QR Code Tag Extension in your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera) to automatically generate the QR codes. In the following list you can find several free online resources:


All Books Free | Baen | Book-Bot | Book Crossing | DailyLit | E-books Bay | E-books Directory  | E-book Look | E-book Share | Feed Books | Free e-books Canada | Free Books for All | ManyBooks | Librivox | Online Computer Books | Project Gutenberg | Kobo | Scribd | Spiritual E-books | Wattpad | Web Literature | Witguides | FlazxZinio


E-books search engines: Neotake | Pdf geni



Place QR codes in outdoors, magazines, bags, or directly in your products. Link them to an online catalog, an info page (with video/instructions) or to your Facebook page!. Save money avoiding printing and increase your website's traffic. You can get the attention of customers by using custom QR codes, they will recognize your company logo/brand (see our LAB page). QR code scanning is fun and saves time (QR codes can be seen anytime, anywere after scanning).



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