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Gender Equality





Since 2004, and in parallel to his academic and research activities, Dr. Bonifacio is fostering gender equality, mainly through the support of AMONET, the  Portuguese Association of Women in Science. In the last years he has been also actively involved in several projects related with gender equality and women in science.



[team member]

  • Mapping the Portuguese Women in Science I, 2013-2014. Funding: CIG, €6500.

  • Mapping the Portuguese Women in Science II, 2014-2016. Funding: CIG, €4900.

  • Historical Statistics of Portuguese and Brazilian Women in Science,  2015-2016. Funding: CIG, €4900.


Map of the Portuguese Women in Science




Dia Municipal para a Igualdade


The Equality Day is celebrated in Portugal in the 24th of October. This day was first proposed by the Association ANIMAR in 2010 and the aim is to sensibilize and  mobilize  the Portuguese society for the importance of equal right of opportunities, with special focus on gender.


Equality Day 2015

In 2015 the activities for the celebration of the Equality Day in Lisbon were organized by "Conselho Municipal para a Igualdade" from "Camara Municipal de Lisboa", with the participation of the following organizations: AMONET, ANIMAR, APMJ, CITE, GEBALIS, GRAAL, HUMANUS, MDM, OCPT, QUESTÃO DE IGUALDADE e UMAR.







Noite Europeia dos Investigadores


AMONET in partnership with CLEPUL and CICSNOVA,  and with support of CIG, organized the initiative "The Scientists Stand Up" integrated in the European Researcher Night 2015 in Lisbon.


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